Is Roobet legit or is Roobet Scam?

Online gambling is extremely popular now. And bitcoin casino is a great option to gamble online. Roobet is the first and the most famous bitcoin casino where you can play different games like Roobet Crash, various slots, Blackjack, Towers, and many other fun games. So, let’s find our is Roobet a legit casino, or is it a scam?

Is Roobet Legit?

Roobet is a legal website that works under Curacao license (The Dutch Carribian Island of Curacao). Also you can find lots of positive reviews about this website on the internet. Roobet is a gambling site. Gambling is legal in the USA. However, there are many countries in the world where gambling is not legal. To play Roobet in the USA you need a reliable and secure VPN for Roobet.

So if you ask Is Roobet a scam – the answer is NO!

This is a legit and reliable bitcoin casino that will give you the money you won!

Roobet Support

Roobet bitcoin casino has really friendly and helpful support that always happy to answer your questions and help with any problems. You can see this from reviews as well.

3 Steps to Play Roobet from any country

  1. 1. Get your secure VPN for Roobet  – select a server from allowed countries (find here).
  2. 2. Get your verified Roobet Account that will 100% work from any region.
  3. 3. Play Roobet casino without any issues!

Roobet Reviews

It is absolutely NOT TRUE that Roobet is a Scam. And you can see lots’s of Roobet review from real people on Trustpilot:


I will start with saying that Roobet is more than just a normal gambling website, Roobet is probably the greatest website, you may think that i’m hired to them or something but well, i’m not, i’m on that website for a year already , had good and bad days , their updated roowards is very great, offering all the users a really good rakeback and in fact, if you’re loyal , active and productive, you might get on their “VIP” Area, where trust me, once you get there you’re never going to look back, it is amazing, they have exclusive bonuses for VIPS and so on.


Always very helpful in resolving any issues you may have no matter the time always friendly and happy to help 24/7

More reviews

very friendly and efficient, with any problem, I always help you and solve the problem for you



Roobet is without a doubt the best online casino there is. I constantly win there. Last night I was really lucky and won $25,000 on Big Bass Bonanza. I was able to withdraw all of it straight to my bitcoin wallet without any issues. I would give roobet 10 stars If I could. Also I used the “tripledeposit” promo code and I was able to turn my $100 deposit into $300 which helped out so much. Something you should know is roobet is banned in the US so what I do to get around this is a use Nord VPN. But any VPN for Roobet will work. Just set it to Canada or Germany and you will be fine.



I love roobet even tho i am down 3200 USD lol still fun keep up the great work and thanks for being fast on the reply’s guys


Love the roobet team! Me and my friends have nothing but great experiences and they reply very quickly! I’m a real person by the way this isn’t a fake review

So you can try Roobet yourself and play any of the fun Roobet games.

How to find Roobet casino

Many people are searching for Roobet casino in Google or other search engines and enter incorrect names like:

  • Roober
  • Roonet
  • Roobot
  • Roubet
  • Roobert
  • Robet
  • Rubet

Please be accurate – type Roobet and play your favorite games!