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Datdrop Promo Code June 2024

Looking for Datdrop Promo Code? Want to get the best csgo opening cases? Try Datdrop exclusive CS:GO open case and win the best skins of CS:GO cases. Case Opening Battle Royale is waiting for you on Datdrop. Legit and reliable CS GO case opening website. Datdrop is one of the most popular Case Opening Csgo Sites. Don’t forget to use Datdrop code to get your bonus!

Use Datdrop promo code 4901155 to get the bonus on Csgo Open Case Site.

How to Use Datdrop Promo code:

  1. Go to Datdrop Csgo Case Opening Website
  2. Login via Steam
  3. Click + on the top right corner
  4. Select Promo Code
  5. Enter code 4901155  to get the bonus!

That’s it! Now you can get Free Csgo Case Opening.

Datdrop Benefits

Datdrop gives you an amazing variety of items. Just look at Datdrop 24 hous top drop.

Datdrop promo codes 2023 Datdrop top profit 24h

Also you will be impressed by Datdrop 24 hour top profit.

Datdrop top profit 24h

Datdrop battles are also really fun and you can win a lot!

Datdrop Real Reviews June 2023

There are over 1400 real customer reviews on Trustpilot with an average rating of 4 stars.

Datdrop promo codes

Below you can find the latest Datdrop reviews.

Datdrop is best <3!

Datdrop is an absolutely legend u can try thousands of cases better chance then csgo and u are able to profit thousands k’s easily u should deffinetly try it <3 Datdrop is the best <3 -Bolt007

Date of experience: June 08, 2023

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How to deposit on Datdrop?

Csgo Sites Case Opening offer deposits in crypto. On Datdrop You can make deposits in Ethereum (ETH) and Litecoin (LTC).
Please, note:

  1. Datdrop only accepts ETH via ERC20 network. Do not send ETH over other networks (BEP2, BEP20), or you will lose it!
  2. Lifetime of your DatDrop ETH and LTC wallets address is limited. Wallet address will be deleted in 7 days after its creation if no deposit was made, and in 6 months after its creation if at least one deposit was made. You can always create another wallet address.
  3. The minimum deposit amount:
    • Ethereum is equivalent to 1 $
    • Litcoin is equivalent to 1 $
    • Ethereum deposit is normally credited after 6 confirmations.
    • Litecoin deposit is normally credited after 2 confirmations.

Csgo Free Open Case is fun and simple!

Datdrop Promo Codes

Now you can activate your Datdrip coupon code 4901155  to get your first bonus on Datdrop!

Datdrop Deposit Bonus

Hypedrop promo code 2023

You can get a 5% deposit bonus if you use a promo code but a maximum 100 $ per 24 hours.
You can use promo codes of max 2 partners per 24 hours. Csgo Case Opening Free is available for you.


Want to create a battle? Here is what you need to create battle Opening Cases.

  1. First Click ‘CREATE BATTLE’ button
  2. After that tap Add cases
  3. Here you need to select battle type: public – for any users, private is available by direct link only
  4. Choose amount of players, from 2 to 4
  5. Click the ‘CREATE BATTLE’ button again.
  6. Share your battle link (if you create a private battle) or just wait for other players to join your battle (if it’s public)
  7. Once the room is full – the battle starts

Enjoy your battle opening with datdrop Free Cases For Csgo!


  1. The battle consists of cases that were selected during battle creation
  2. One case = one round in battle Csgo Cases
  3. After every round, all players receive winnings to battle inventory
  4. After the last round, every player’s total drop amount is calculated
  5. The player who got the biggest total drop amount gets all skins from this battle, including other players’ skins.


Datdrop cases Q&A

What might befall my equilibrium assuming I joined the fight but later adjusted my perspective and left the fight before it began?

You will see a return to your balance of the money you spent to join the battle on Cs Go Open Case Sites.

Do I have to open the page?

Necessarily not. You can join the fight and switch to a different page. The battle start notification will be sent to you if you are on DatDrop. The battle will continue even if you leave DatDrop. The history of your battles with Csgo Open Case Sites, can show you the results of your battles.

Didn’t you know?

This round will be skipped and the money for it will be returned to the players’ balances if any case runs out of skins during the battle on Cs Go Case Opening Sites.

Who will take home the prize if multiple players shared the same amount?

Csgo Case Opening Sites let you to Draw roll—the number from 1 to 100000—will be used to select the winner in this instance. The battle is won by the player whose winning range contains the draw roll.

What is meant by “Ready to start!”? mean?

Csgo Cases Sites indicate that the player is impatient and does not wish to wait until all battle positions have been filled (for instance, the game is intended for four players but only two have joined). With the current number of players, he or she is prepared to begin the battle. In this scenario, the battle will begin when all four players have joined or when all players who have joined are prepared to begin early by clicking “Start now!” button.

What does the mode “Equality” mean?

Free Csgo Case Opening Sites Battle mode in which all players share equally in the winnings Equality mode is not available in sponsored battles.

What does the mode “Team Battle” mean?

Team Battle mode is not available for sponsored battles, and all winnings will be split equally among the winning team members on Csgo Case Opening Sites Free.

What is meant by “Part Drop”?

Cs Go Cases Opening Part Drop skins are available in the battle modes “Team” and “Equality” to distribute the victory equally among the winners.

Enjoy Cs Go Case Openings with Datdrop promo codes.