Drakedrop Promo Codes April 2024

Drakedrop is a fantastic mystery box website where you can get trendy electronics, sneaker, and streetwear industries, yet also supply for the heavy collectors at the other end of the spectrum and everything in between. Don’t miss Drakedrop Promo Codes to open the free box today. Use code WINTODAY for opening the free Drakedrop box.

How to play on Drakeprop

To start playing on Drakedrop you need:

  1. First: create an account on Drakedrop.
  2. Login into your account. You will see your profile icon and balance in the top right corner.
  3. There is a myriad of mystery boxes in Drakedrop. All mystery boxes contain everything from cutting-edge technology to must-have sneakers. They come from the most popular brands in the world.

*Please note that if you are a new user, you will have two free chances if you unlock your first free mystery box!

Shopping for your favorite products is fun, easy, and instant with our one-click unboxing process. With Drakedrop’s product guarantee, you can be sure that every item you see on the website is 100% real and has a real-world counterpart. Each case additionally contains portrayals, estimates, and probabilities for every item, so you generally know precisely the exact thing you’re getting. No secret expenses! You will also receive XP to make up the difference if the item you receive is less than the value of your selected box. Your XP is utilized to step up and open our better-than-ever day-to-day free rewards. Have fun!


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